Director’s Statement:

FILLMORE PLACE is a video portrait of the one-block street I live in Brooklyn, as experienced by my neighbors, many who have lived there for decades, before Williamsburg began to gentrify. Most of the buildings, like mine, also have tenants who have moved in recently. Old and new residents alike share a love of the block, the people and the particular character and atmosphere of the street.

FILLMORE PLACE interfaces with many complicated issues of gentrification. The residents’ voices paint a unified portrait of life on the block and what is at stake if rapid development of the area gets pushed forward, while also expressing varied opinions about what gentrification and development has meant for people in the neighborhood and the area.

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2008 vBrooklyn, NYU Polytechnic (Brooklyn, NY)
2008 Room For Creativity, greenbelt (Brooklyn, NY)
2007 Roebling Chapter, Society for Industrial Archeology (New York, NY)
2006 Film Williamsburg, an old minibus garage (Brooklyn, NY)


Waterfront Preservation Alliance of Williamsburg and Greenpoint
Gowanus Lounge
Manhattan User’s Guide
Greenpoint Gazette


Camera/Editor: Sarah Nelson Wright
Boomer: Sabrina Lee
Featuring: Luis, Rozz, Anthony, Julia, Matt, Shaza, Jimmy, Gladys, Brandon, Chelsea, Kaitlyn, and Williams
Special thanks to Martin Lucas and Francisca Caporali.