:: a site-specific video installation in the Williamsburg Greenpoint Industrial Zone, revealing the work of manufacturers in North Brooklyn today ::

A project by Sarah Nelson Wright
with sound by Jennifer Stock


On October 9th and 10th, 2009, video projections by Sarah Nelson Wright lit up the industrial facades of three manufacturers with evocative sound by Jennifer Stock. Captured inside each business, the videos and sounds brought North Brooklyn’s hidden labor onto the public streets.

Video Documentation

Brooklyn Makes documentation from Sarah Nelson Wright on Vimeo.


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BROOKLYN MAKES seeks to raise awareness about Brooklyn’s industrial present. Well-run local manufacturing still exists in urban neighborhoods in New York City. The Williamsburg Greenpoint Industrial Business Zone, which may seem deserted to the untrained eye, will be revealed as a dynamic and creative place that fabricates pieces of the world around us and provides employment to local workers, including many new immigrants. Where they might have previously seen a brick wall, viewers will now see a small, innovative business that adds value to their neighborhood.

The local industry that remains in New York City needs public support to resist displacement. The project will raise awareness of local manufacturers and show manufacturing that can coexist with and support sustainable city living, as well as showcase the creative and skilled aspects of manual labor.


Brooklyn Community Foundation
FEAST (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics)
Our dear friends on Kickstarter

With Support from:
Rooftop Films
MFA IMA at Hunter College
Space on Dobbin

Fiscal Sponsor:
CUP (the Center for Urban Pedagogy)

Part of openhousenewyork weekend and Space on Dobbin’s events for Williamsburg Gallery Association’s Every 2:nd Fridays.



It was a beautiful weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out — great intentional attendance and I was delighted by the large number of walkers and bikers who happened upon it as well.

Many things and people cooperated and/or offered their generous support, both temporal and financial, to make it happen — technology, police, neighbors and rain not the least of them — and I am deeply grateful.

Special thanks to…

my IMA advisers:
Martin Lucas
Rachel Stevens
Jennifer McCoy

other advisers:
Francisca Caporali
Laura Chipley
Tamara Gubernat
Tomasz Gubernat
Mary Jeys
Nathaniel Lieb
Suyin Looui
Rachel Messer
Pilar Ortiz
Jennifer Stock
Daniel Vatsky

site liaisons:
Jim Bearden
Buzz Billik
Laura Coombs
Ed Lazarus
Robbin Ami Silverberg
…& of course the employees

additional support:
Leah Archibald
Isabel Hill
Jeff Hnilicka
Beka Economopoulos
Mark Foggin
Nathan Kensinger
Karen Knieves
Steve Lambert
Sabrina Lee
Ciara McKeown
Rami Metal
Dan Nuxoll
Jane Pool
Michael Freedman-Schnapp
North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition
Aaron Wistar
Rosten Woo