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Shifting Sands (on view now)

:: interactive virtual reality sculpture exploring Staten Island shorelines facing climate change, 2023 ::

Tomorrow’s Sea

:: site-specific and interactive virtual reality sculpture about NYC neighborhoods facing sea level rise, 2022 ::

Invisible Seams

:: augmented reality sound walk about impacts of globalization on the environment and garment workers, work in progress ::

Listening to Dutch Kills

:: sound walk featuring nonhuman perspectives, 2019 ::

Hidden Vistas

:: virtual reality installation about accidental urban  ecologies, 2016 ::

Over The River

:: virtual reality installation in a vanished landscape, 2016 ::

Emotional Vending Machine

:: interactive machine collecting and dispensing solutions for global food system problems, 2015 ::

The Newtown Creek Armada

:: interactive model boat pond and public art installation on polluted urban canal, 2012-2016 ::

Remote Voyages

:: immersive video installation of artist-made boats’ journeys through urban pollution, 2013 ::

Combined Overflow

:: gallery exhibit of creative and community projects about two polluted canals, 2014 ::

Gowanus Voyage

:: participatory public art event and exhibit, 2013-2015 ::

Newtown Creek Portholes

:: video portals transporting viewers to a remote urban waterway, 2012-2016 ::

English Kills Voyage

:: observational documentary about a polluted urban waterway, 2013 ::

Locations & Dislocation

:: postcard and mapping project about gentrification and moving in the urban environment, 2008-2011 ::

Brooklyn Makes

:: site-specific video installation on hidden urban industry, 2009 ::

Look Inside

:: video sculpture about Iraq war deaths in daily consciousness, 2008-2009 ::