:: sound walk on the Newtown Creek featuring nonhuman perspectives, 2019 ::

Listening to Dutch Kills is an immersive audio walk that guides participants around the waters of the Dutch Kills, to investigate and experience the species and ecologies hidden in this urban industrial landscape. Listeners will engage with this complex watershed through a series of creative sound pieces, prompts, and narrations by local artists and community stakeholders, encountering the body of water from the perspectives of the flora and fauna that thrive along its banks, and contemplating how these species are connected to the future of New York City as it faces the challenges of sea level rise and climate change.

Listening to Dutch Kills is a project by Chance Ecologies (and can be downloaded at this link). Listening to Dutch Kills was commissioned by the SWIM Coalition, as part of their project Getting to Zero in Dutch Kills, and includes interviews with community members Willis Elkins and Mitch Waxman of the Newtown Creek Alliance, Katie Ellman of Greenshores NYC, and Sarah Durand of LaGuardia Community College.