:: virtual reality installation about accidental urban ecologies ::

Created by Edrex Fontanilla and Sarah Nelson Wright
wood, paint, found objects, 360 degree video

HIDDEN VISTAS is an artist-made virtual reality scenic viewer that offers experiential glimpses of two liminal urban spaces.

In “Immersive Landscapes: Hunter’s Point South,” the artists present views of a now-demolished landscape, as observers travel through a lush, overgrown forrest to a sublime, postindustrial waterfront across from the New York City skyline.

In “Immersive Landscapes: Flushing River,” viewers travel from more formal park spaces to hidden borderlands between industry and nature, coexisting with flora and fauna as planes soar overhead. Hidden Vistas allows viewers to witness and be present in marginal or vanished landscapes they may not otherwise see.

HIDDEN VISTAS was exhibited in 2016 in Chance Ecologies: Queens at the Queens Museum in New York City, curated by Catherine Grau and Nathan Kensinger.

Sarah Nelson Wright and Edrex Fontanilla wrote about their collaborative projects to create “empathy for place” for the Mediapolis Journal.