:: virtual reality installation in a vanished landscape ::

Created by Edrex Fontanilla and Sarah Nelson Wright
virtual reality mask, gravel, 360 video

OVER THE RIVER transports the wearer to Hunter’s Point South, allowing gallery visitors to exist in a place that no longer exists. Visitors are invited to step on the gravel, peer into the mask and experience a virtual reality installation of a unique landscape that recently vanished from New York City’s waterfront.

Hunter’s Point South is a large, formerly industrial site built on layers of landfill that was left fallow for 40 years and grew into a verdant forest with robust ecology. It was an accidental playground for a diverse group of visitors who wandered into this liminal space and experienced the magic of being alone in a forest atop a cliff across from the Manhattan skyline, hidden in plain site. In fall 2015, the city removed this forest to make way for high-rise condominiums and an official public park. This virtual reality documentary transports users to this uncanny urban space, allowing them to exist in a place that no longer exists.

OVER THE RIVER was exhibited in 2016 in Chance Ecologies: The Wild Landscape of Hunter’s Point South Radiator Gallery at in Queens, NY.