:: site-specific participatory sculpture ::

Created by Nathaniel Lieb and Sarah Nelson Wright
plaster and yarn

ATTACHMENT is a site-specific participatory sculpture by Nathaniel Lieb & Sarah Nelson Wright. More than fifty handmade white plaster hearts hang on facing walls at the end of a hallway. People are invited to engage with the work by tying hearts together with a variety of yarn, creating intersecting lines and tangles in front of a large window.


ATTACHMENT was exhibited in 2009 Then and Now: an exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of The Center Show in New York, NY, co-chaired by Nancy Spero and Robert Storr (Wright was chosen to participate by Mimi Smith).  The exhibit was up for many months, grew very dense, and was much beloved by the diverse community at The Center.

ATTACHMENT was shown in 2010 in North Brooklyn at Arts at Renaissance in Brooklyn, NY.

Photos by:
Megan Cronin, Nathaniel Lieb, Johnny Lowe, and Sarah Nelson Wright