The Newtown Creek Armada launch

Today is the official announcement of my next project, The Newtown Creek Armada, a collaboration with Laura Chipley and Nathan Kensinger!  This project will be presented by the North Brookyn Public Art Coalition (nbART).

Join us tonight for the announcement at the nbART’s Autumn Fundraiser, and keep posted on the project, set for Spring 2012, on our website.

From the press release:

On November 8th, 2011, The North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition (nbART) announced the selection of its sixth public art project, The Newtown Creek Armada, an interactive installation in which a model boat pond will be created on the Newtown Creek, one of America’s most polluted waterways. The Newtown Creek Armada is a collaboration between three Brooklyn artists – Laura Chipley, Nathan Kensinger, and Sarah Nelson Wright – whose individual work creatively investigates industry, ecology, and change in urban spaces. The project was commissioned by nbART through nbECO 2012, an open call seeking environmentally and sustainability-conscious art installations.

As part of The Newtown Creek Armada, visitors will be invited to pilot a fleet of artist-created, miniature, radio-controlled boats along the creek’s surface while at the same time documenting the world hidden beneath the water. Each boat in The Armada will be equipped with an underwater camera and lights, allowing participants to record a unique voyage on the creek. Video from these underwater explorations will be on view at the project location, giving visitors a chance to virtually immerse themselves in the toxic waters of this Superfund site. The Newtown Creek Armada will be launched in Spring 2012 from the Newtown Creek Nature Walk in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The archive of voyages from The Armada will be presented in a gallery installation in Fall 2012.

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  1. Let us know if we at the North Brooklyn Boat Club can support your project!

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