CONFLUX 2008  - 08.jpg

In September 2008, I had the pleasure of participating in CONFLUX: the art and technology festival for the creative exploration of urban public space.  CONFLUX is an annual festival put on by Glowlab and last fall was hosted by the Center for Architecture.

CONFLUX 2008  - 35.jpg
curator Christina Ray

Yes, this post is EXTREMELY belated!  The most criminal thing about it is that I had so many people to thank for helping me at CONFLUX.  Most especially (for help with installation): Sabrina Lee, Stephanie Brown, Erin Beirnard, Colette Robert, Jeff Gray & (for de-installation) Nathaniel Lieb.  Thanks also to Christina Ray and all of the wonderful people at Glowlab and the Center for Architecture.

CONFLUX 2008  - 01.jpg
Sabrina and Erin working on installing Locations & Dislocation

It was a great experience — I really enjoyed the other projects (especially Tiltfactor‘s Massively Multi-player Soba, which introduced me to Morgan Riles) and loved talking with folks about my project Locations & Dislocation.

CONFLUX 2008  - 38.jpg
after winning a delicious dinner at Jackson Diner

Some participants have already received their  Locations & Dislocation postcards, and some will be coming by mail in the next few months as I catch up!

CONFLUX 2008  - 12.jpg

Also, the festival in Sao Paulo found me through the CONFLUX website, so it turned out to be a great connection.

CONFLUX 2008  - 26.jpg
My brother’s card, Boston 2004-present.

Thanks to everyone who came out.  I truly love CONFLUX for bringing together those of us who dwell at the intersection of art, technology, politics, play and urban space.

Enjoy the rest of my pics on Flickr.