[ ESC ] wrap up

[ ESC ] was truly awesome on Friday night! It grows with every year. We had a great collection of projects and upwards of about 200 people in attendance. Locations & Dislocation was well received (I have several new cards to do!) and I enjoyed the presentations & unique collection of projects.

Drew Cogbill presented Pigeon, a social network using telephones he hopes can bring social networking to places where internet is not as ubiquitous (sign up to be a test user!). Meng Li and Elim Cheng presented Peek, Poke, Talk, a delightful bench that encourages interaction between strangers. When people sit far apart from each other on the bench, their shadows are triggered to interact and flirt, high fiving, whispering and teasing each other with a power drill (he he…).

We’ll be posting the program and links on our newly minted website soon. Laura Chipley took some wonderful photos (three below).

The crowd


Setting up


Onlookers at Locations & Dislocation


Thanks so much to my co-conspirators: Suyin Looui, Francisca Caporali, Laura Chipley, Pilar Ortiz and Ariana Souzis, who really took the lead this year.

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  1. melissa macalpin

    the postcards look great.

  2. thanks & thanks for the professional consultation:)

  3. Looks great lets do lunch i have copple of things i would love to show you and see where we can take it both of great interest of community one concerning Williamsburg and one believe it or not Global and just unbelieveble change al over the World !!! I can’t wait to talk about this whit you!!!!

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