IMAterial success

The IMAterial show turned out beautifully. It was really miraculous to see the way the Black Box, originally a gymnasium, transformed into a dynamic gallery. I was very happy with Havemeyer Street, the two-channel video installation I made with Francisca Caporali, Kym Chapman, Pilar Ortiz & Uni Park about gentrification in Williamsburg. I’ll be uploading documentation in the coming weeks.

We had the honor of guest artist critiques with Mendi + Keith Obadike and Jennifer McCoy. I got some great feedback on my Comment Williamsburg site and got to see Colonial Glass projected on a giant screen. As usual, working with the gang was pretty amazing, especially considering we do the work of 30 people with just a few of us. Below are pictures from Laura Chipley, you can see more of hers here.  More documentation forthcoming.

Havemeyer Street (our installation)

Wear and Tear (Suyin Looui, Samara Smith & AE Souzis)

Urban Homesteading Project (Francisca Caporali, Laura Chipley & Pilar Ortiz) and Varnish on (Mike Schuwerk & Cristina Gil Donaire)


IMAterial art

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  1. looks excellent I hope I get the chance to see this in person!

  2. Looking at your work, it is obvious that you are defnitely in the field that you should be in. Fabolous job!

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