Courtenay Morgan Redis did an extensive write-up of the WWIII show on her blog. Here’s the excerpt on my piece:

“Another artist hung a traditional wood medicine cabinet on the wall and on the rung below an army-green hand towel that reads look inside. Swinging the door open, which is lined on the inside with a mirror, shows a video projection of a green hill, the number 3009 on a large sign and row upon row of white crosses. Above the video stands a shelf filled with prescription pill bottles, face creams and toiletries. The common, everyday items we see and use juxtaposed with the death of soldiers that has become all too-common in our lives and the lives of people around the world. On the day in January when the film was shot in Lafayette, CA, 3009 Americans had lost their lives in Iraq. Today on public radio I heard that as we approach the five-year anniversary of this war we’ve lost over 3,700 American lives and anywhere from 40,000 to 100,000 Iraqis.”

Thanks to all who came! It was a great show.