[ ESC ] mixer recap

The event on Thursday was incredible. We estimate we had about 100 people come through to see socially engaged media projects by 25 graduate student artists from 8 programs. I showed my Comment Williamsburg website.   All three of my IMA professors from this semester came, which I greatly appreciate, as well as some dear friends from outside the program.  The room was filled with the many attendees from other schools & programs and of course wonderful IMA friends and classmates. More info on the IMA website, which I finally finished!

I was truly delighted that all our hard work paid off, and I’m deeply in gratitude to the wonderful people I organized the event with: Alana Kakoyiannis, Ariana Souzis, Francisca Caporali, James Wagstaff, Laura Chipley, Pilar Ortiz & Suyin Looui.

Suyin, Me & Ariana (pic by Fivel Rothberg)

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  1. Hillevi Loven


    wonderous job on getting this event to happen thanks! i know it is a lot to curate and pull this off. and thanks for the wp help.

    best- hillevi

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